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Bring Your Brand in the Highlight with Hair Extension Packaging Boxes

"Live Boldly. Feel Beautiful. Look Great."

Hair extensions were not very common in the past and were only used by actors or allied classes. But with the advancement in society and people becoming more conscious about their appearances, hair extensions have become an essential beauty product.

The Look You Want, the Lifestyle You Deserve!

Beautiful hair builds your self-esteem and increases your confidence. Therefore they use widely and are available in every beauty store.

Due to their high demand, the thing that has increased is Competition in the market. Therefore, many companies are working hard to make their products stand out among others, and the only way possible for this is the hair extension packaging boxes.

Hair extensions are one of the most hot-selling products in the market. But, choosing a perfect packaging is not easy these days. In addition, a good hair extension packaging must have neatness, fineness, and orderliness in the hair ideally.

Marketing hair extensions in a plastic bag is not attractive at all, and it may be a big turn-off for your customers. Hair extensions can be pretty expensive, and if you sell them in cheap packaging, it will ruin your customer's entire experience. With proper custom wholesale hair boxes, your customer will be immediately fascinated.

Pillow Style Boxes- Give an Outstanding Look to Your Hair Extension Packaging Boxes

When we think about unique and stylish packaging, the pillow boxes catch our attention instantly. These are the most commonly use packaging and are sold to a greater extent around the world. Pillow packaging is a form of exceptional packaging ideal for marketing and advertising purposes.

"Whatever you are, be a good one."

Moreover, you can use custom pillow hair extension boxes manufactured to style your hair extensions to look eye-catching and trendy.

And wouldn't it be lovely if these packaging boxes are decorated with ribbons or bows? They will look perfect! These boxes will instantly catch the buyer's attention and ultimately increase sales.

Necessary Information

Perfect hair extension packaging boxes is one which contain all the essential information about the product and its manufacturer.

Some of the simple details include the color, texture, length, and packaging material use to make hair extensions, directions to use, control instructions, and the details of the manufacturer.

It is also essential to mention the type of hair extensions like clip-in, weave, or pre-bonded or copied hair extensions. The brand's name and logo is a compulsory thing to include in the packaging. In addition, printing all the valuable information on the hair extension box packaging ensures the customers that they are delivered with a high-quality product.

Select High-Quality Materials for Wholesale Hair Extension Packaging Boxes

Hair extensions are fragile products, and they need to be handled carefully. They can easily get damage or spoil during shipping. Therefore, its packaging must be strong and durable to keep them safe from external harm.

Custom hair extension packaging boxes create from different packaging materials based on the hair extension types and the number of hair extensions in a single packaging. There are mainly three materials use to make custom boxes: E-flute corrugated, cardstock, and eco-kraft.

If you are looking for high-end and air-tight packaging, then e-flute corrugated material is the best option. Furthermore, it offers excellent support to the product and keeps it in its place.

"A Successful Man Is One Who Can Lay A Firm Foundation With The Bricks That Others Throw At Him."

Also, it provides excellent protection. However, Cardstock material is use for sturdier packaging. You can increase its thickness as well.

It is a cost-effective and suitable choice if you want to buy hair extension packaging boxes wholesale. In contrast, eco-kraft material is recommend if you go for eco-friendly packaging.

Amazing Printing Options

Printing is a profitable and beneficial way of marketing the product. The way your products are print leaves a massive impact on consumers' minds. Wholesale hair extension boxes print with beautiful images or the brand's logo will create your company's positive image.

Printing engaging titles or catchy taglines increases the boxes' beauty and attracts more buyers. You can use different printing options, such as digital printing, offset printing, and flexography.

1-Digital printing: is widely use and is cost-effective. It works as an office printer and is toner-based.

2-offset printing: It is an ink-based printing process and gives beautiful results. It is suitable if you are printing in bulks.

3-Flexography is a modern way of printing and is use widely. It gives impressive results for printing images.

However, you can also add different coatings to increase the texture and protect the product from external damage. These special coatings give a royal and captivating look to the boxes.

Gloss Coating: These coatings give a glossy look to the boxes. It looks prettier when reflected in sunlight.

Matte Coating: If you are not a fan of sparkle or shine, you can go for a more subtle and dense look by applying matte coatings.

Use Embellishments for the Beautification of Hair Extension Box Packaging

No one prefers to buy dull packaging, especially when it comes to beauty-related products. Therefore different customizations are possible that help the product enhance its outlook. These embellishments play a vital role in the marketing of the brand and the product as well.

"Make a Customer, Not a Sale"

There are a lot of selections that can use massively. The add-ons comprise Embossing/debossing; in embossing, a specific pattern is raised compare to the surface, whereas, in debossing, the pattern is sunken into the surface. Similarly, you can go for Gold/silver foiling, spot UV, and die-cut window for a clear inside view.

Hair Extension Packaging Boxes- Transparency or Window Panes

Designing imaginative hair extension packaging boxes with windows is an effective way to attract consumers. A hair extension is a product that consumers like to see or feel its texture before purchasing. Getting samples may not be imaginable in the case of popular brands.

In addition, introducing transparency on the hair extension boxes lets consumers view them professionally. They look purposeful as well as attractive.

Consumers can look at the actual color and style of hair extensions. It's a beneficial tactic to generate positive word of mouth about your business.

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